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Does SuperForex provide VPS service for EA traders?

Unfortunately, SuperForex does not provide VPS service.

To run EAs (Expert Advisors) on SuperForex MT4, you may use a VPS service of a third party.

SuperForex does not have a restriction on the use of EAs, so you can run any type of EAs with no limit and VPS with any service providers.

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VPS (Virtual Private Server) is an ideal option for traders who want to trade with SuperForex MT4 24 hours a day.

VPS uses an external server to manage trading connections and keeps MT4 up and running 24 hours a day without being affected by downtime due to electrical or computer related failures.

Many Forex traders use VPS to keep their EA (Forex Trading Robot) running.

SuperForex supports users of EAs by providing a trading environment with no restrictions in terms of trading strategies and the use of EAs.

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