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How can I be a Master/Signal Provider to earn compensation?

If you are a profitable/successful trader and willing to share your talent with others, SuperForex offers an excellent opportunity for you.

Through SuperForex’s portal, you can show the Forex trading community you are one of the bests and earn attractive compensation.

With SuperForex, it is easy and simple to share your strategy with others by becoming a Forex Copy Master.

As a Forex Copy Master, you can continue to trade in your usual way, but you will be rewarded with additional revenue based on how many Subscribers choose to follow your trades.

Open a live trading account, make a deposit, and start trading to show your performance first.

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There are many merits to become a Master (Signal Provider) of SuperForex’s copy trading service.

You can earn more
As a Master, you can receive profit as a percentage of the volume. you can also earn fees for daily subscriptions or amounts from a single transaction.
Millions of Subscribers
There is a large number of subscribers who will copy your deals and allow you to receive revenue.

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