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How can I join SuperForex's Auto-Reset Balance Program?

No registration is needed to join SuperForex’s Auto-Reset Balance Program.

All live trading accounts of SuperForex are already in the Auto-Reset Balance Program.

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SuperForex’s Auto-Reset Balance Program (or also known as Negative Balance Protection, NBP) is supported for all traders of the broker.

Thanks to the Auto-Reset Balance Program, traders do not lose more than they deposit with.

This means that with SuperForex, you will not lose more than the account balance as the loss is limited to the total account balance.

Your account’s balance can go negative in the case of stop out (liquidation of all positions), but SuperForex’s Auto-Reset Balance Program adjusts the balance to zero, so you can make a deposit and start trading again from zero.

For more information about the Auto-Reset Balance Program, go to the home page.

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