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How can I trade Energy CFDs (Oil, Gas) with SuperForex?

You can trade Energy CFDs (both oils and Gas) with SuperForex on Standard, Swap Free, No Spread, and Profi STP accounts.

By opening a live or demo account of the above types, you can trade Future Energy CFDs.

Note that the trading of Energy CFDs are not available on Micro Cent, Crypto, ECN Standard, ECN Mini, ECN Standard Swap Free, ECN Mini Swap Free, or ECN Crypto account.

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The available Energy CFDs on SuperForex MT4 include the following markets:

  • NY Harbor Gasoline
  • Brent Crude Oil
  • miNY Crude Oil
  • miNY Natural Gas
  • Natural Gas
  • Heating Oil
  • Crude Light Sweet Oil

On SuperForex MT4, these markets are shown in symbols like “XRBK20” and “BZV20”.

To find the market you want to trade, right-click on the “Market Watch” window and click on “Symbols”.

Then you can see the list of available financial markets and their symbols.


You can also see the list of available financial instruments in the home page.

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