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How can I trade Stock Indices with SuperForex?

To trade CFDs on stock indices with SuperForex, you need to open either Standard, Swap Free, or Profi STP account.

Note that you cannot trade CFDs on stock indices on No Spread, Micro Cent, Crypto, ECN Standard, ECN Mini, ECN Standard Swap Free, ECN Mini Swap Free, on ECN Crypto account.

You can open a live or demo trading account of SuperForex for free from below.

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By opening a Standard, Swap Free, or Profi STP account, you can trade the following CFDs on stock indices along with hundreds of other markets.

  • #AEX25 (Netherlands 25 Index)
  • #COMPQ (NASDAQ Composite)
  • #DAX (Germany 30 (GDAXIm))
  • #FTSE (The UK 100 index)
  • #HSI (Hang Seng Index)
  • #INDU (Dow Jones Industrial Average)
  • #ITALY40 (Raly 40 index)
  • #N100 (Euronext 100)
  • #N225 (Nikkei 225)
  • #SMI (Swiss index)
  • #SPX (S&P 500 Index)
  • #USDX (US Dollar Index)
  • AUS200 (Australia 200)
  • DOW30 (Dow Jones index (INDU))
  • FCHI40 (France 40)
  • GDAXIm (Germany 30)
  • HSI50 (Hong Kong 50 (HSI))
  • Jap225 (Japan 225)
  • NA5100 (Nasdaq 100 index)
  • SPN35 (Spain 35)
  • STOX50 (Europe 50)
  • UK100 (UK 100 (FTSE))
  • WSt3Om (Wall street 30 (Mini))

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