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How to withdraw funds via Zamtel from SuperForex's MT4 live account?

To withdraw funds via Zamtel from your live trading account, you first need to log in to SuperForex’s client cabinet.

Client Portal

Then go to “Financial Operations” and “Money Withdrawal, then click on the “Withdraw” button of the option you prefer as below, in this case, Zamtel.


In the next screen, you need to provide the information about your Zamtel account where you want to withdraw the funds to.

Note that via Zamtel you can withdraw funds only in ZMW.

Then click on the “Withdraw” button to confirm your request.

To confirm the withdrawal request, you may need to provide the “Phone Password” and confirm the request in the email sent to your email address registered with SuperForex.

Once your withdrawal request is confirmed, SuperForex’s finance department will review your request.

The fund will be returned to your Zamtel account within 3 business hours.

If your fund withdrawal isn’t processed within 3 business hours then you may check the status of your request in the client cabinet, or contact SuperForex’s support team.

If the withdrawal is completed but you haven’t received the fund in your Zamtel account within 3 business hours, then you may contact Zamtel’s support team.

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