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In what base currency can I open ECN Swap-Free Mini account?

You can open SuperForex’s ECN Swap-Free Mini account in the following base currencies.

  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP
Note that the available base currencies for ECN Swap-Free Mini account type may be updated at any time.

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In case you make a deposit to the account in another currency than the base currency, the fund will be converted automatically by SuperForex or the payment service provider you are using.

For currency conversion, SuperForex uses the rate displayed in the MT4 trading platform. In case the fund is converted to another currency by a payment service provider, then a certain fee may be charged by the provider.

With SuperForex, you can open an account with various base currencies.

See the table below for the available base currencies for SuperForex’s ECN accounts.

ECN Account Type Available Base Currencies
ECN Standard USD, EUR, GBP
ECN Standard Mini USD, EUR, GBP
ECN Swap-Free Mini USD, EUR, GBP
ECN Crypto USD
*You can still deposit and withdraw in USD. The funds will be converted if you deposit/withdraw in Cryptocurrencies.

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