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What bonus can I get with SuperForex's Membership Club?

There are various benefits and bonuses that you can receive by joining SuperForex’s Membership Club.

Here is the list of benefits and bonuses available only for the members of SuperForex’s Membership Club.

  1. Spread Discount on EUR/USD;
  2. 100% Welcome Bonus;
  3. Participation to the closed (private) group on Facebook;
  4. 24/7 continuous support;
  5. 3 days exntended deposit protection period;
  6. SF Bank deposit with insurance

You can see more about SuperForex’s Membership Club in the client cabinet.

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You can also combine the offers of SuperForex’s Membership Club with other bonuses.

The Membership Club Bonus cannot be combined with the 40% Welcome Bonus, the 60% Energy Bonus, and the 120% HOT Bonus.

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