November 19, 2020 Updated on

What is account verification? Must I verify my account to start trading?

To start trading Forex and CFDs with SuperForex, account verification is not required.

You can open an account with SuperForex from below, make a deposit and start trading immediately.

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With SuperForex, there is no limitation in terms of fund deposits and withdrawals even if you haven’t verified your account yet.

You can verify your account by submitting documents (copy of ID and proof of address) to SuperForex at any time you want.

By completing the account verification (validation) with SuperForex, you can protect your accounts from attempts of third parties trying to steal your password or other confidential data.

The account verification will also allow you to get some SuperForex’s special offers.

If you are having trouble verifying your account with documents, contact SuperForex’s support team directly to solve any problems.