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What is Pattern Graphix? How can I download it?

Many traders find the Forex trading overwhelming due to a countless number of graphs and charts.

One graph can indicate many things and it takes time and effort to learn and practice them.

For such traders, and especially for new traders in the Forex market, SuperForex providers the “Pattern Graphix”, an expert advisor software.

SuperForex’s Pattern Graphix works with the MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platform.

The Pattern Graphix identifies patterns for traders and makes suggestions on appropriate trades for the instruments you apply it to.

With the Pattern Graphix, you can know what might be good opportunities.

The Pattern Graphix will mark everything important on the chart, doing all the technical thinking for you, and then you decide what to do with that information.

SuperForex offers Pattern Graphix free of charge for all customers.

You can see the manual of Pattern Graphix here.

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