December 14, 2020 Updated on

What's the margin call and stop out level on SuperForex's $50 No Deposit Bonus account?

For the Standard account with SuperForex’s $50 No Deposit Bonus, the level of margin call is set to 80%, and the stop out is set to 50%.

Once your account’s margin level reaches 80% or below, you will receive a warning on the platform.

In this scenario, you are recommended to fund your account or close one or some positions to maintain the margin level higher.

Once your account’s margin level reaches 50%, all positions will be closed forcefully by the system and profit/loss will be realized.

If your account’s balance is below zero, SuperForex will fix the balance to zero (Negative Balance Protection) so you can make a deposit and start trading from zero.

If there remains a balance in your account after the stop out (liquidation), then you can continue trading with the remained account balance or make a deposit as you prefer.

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