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What's the spread and commission/fee of STP No Spread account?

The minimum/average spread of SuperForex’s STP No Spread account is 0.0 pips.

The spread is floating/variable for each financial instrument, but not fixed.

When trading on SuperForex’s STP No Spread account, there is a commission charged that is from 0.013 to 0.711.

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The minimum/average spread, spread type, trading commission are different depending on the account type you choose.

See the table below for the trading conditions of SuperForex’s STP accounts.

Account TypeMinimum/Average SpreadSpread TypeCommission/Fee
STP Standard2.0 pipsFixedNone
STP Swap-Free2.0 pipsFixedNone
STP No Spread0.0 pipsFloatingFrom 0.013 to 0.711
STP Micro Cent2.0 pipsFixedNone
Profi STP0.0 pipsFloatingFrom 0.011 to 0.142
STP Crypto10 pipsFixed1.9
Note that the applicable spread and trading costs are different depending on the financial instrument you trade.

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