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What's the withdrawal condition of SuperForex's $50 No Deposit Bonus?

The account with SuperForex’s $50 No Deposit Bonus has the following conditions of fund withdrawal.

SuperForex’s $50 No Deposit Bonus
You cannot withdraw the amount of No Deposit Bonus (50 USD) as your profit, but the bonus amount is available only for trading purposes.
The fund you have deposited
You can withdraw your funds you deposited into the bonus account at anytime with no limit.
The profits you made in the bonus account
You can withdraw the amount of profit (from $10 to $50) by meeting the volume requirement set by the promotion.

Withdrawal Methods

To be able to withdraw the amount of profit made in the bonus account, you must trade the required volume in the account.

The available withdrawal amount equals the Standard lot you have traded in the bonus account.

Withdraw-able Profit Amount = Standard lot you have traded in the account

For the bonus account, the available minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USD and the maximum amount is 50 USD, or 100 USD if you have received the second $50 Bonus in the account.

Note that once you make a request to withdraw funds from the bonus account, the full bonus amount will be deducted from the account immediately.

You can also find the full terms and conditions of SuperForex’s $50 No Deposit Bonus in the client portal.

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