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Which bonus promotion can I join with STP Micro Cent account?

With SuperForex’s STP Micro Cent account, you can participate in the following bonus promotions.

  • Welcome+ Bonus
  • Energy Bonus
  • Hot Bonus
  • Dynamic Bonus
Note that some of the bonus promotions are compatible and some are not. To participate in multiple bonus promotions, you may need to open additional accounts from the client cabinet.

Sign Up

To participate in the bonus promotion you want, log in to the client cabinet and go to “Bonus Program”.

Then choose a bonus program, read the terms and conditions, and click on the “Get the Bonus” button.


If you cannot click on the “Get the Bonus” button, then you may have already participated in other promotions with the account or the account setting isn’t appropriate for the promotion.

Client Portal

The bonus promotions that you can participate in depends on the account type you choose.

See the table below for the list of bonus promotions that you can join with SuperForex’s STP accounts.

STP Account Type Available Bonus Promotions
Standard All bonuses
Swap-Free All bonuses
No Spread Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic
Micro Cent Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic
Profi STP Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic
Crypto Welcome, Energy, Hot, Dynamic

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