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Why Cryptocurrency pairs aren't listed on my SuperForex MT4 platform?

SuperForex offers Cryptocurrency pairs only on “Crypto” account type.

If you are logged into an account of another type, then you cannot see or trade Cryptocurrency pairs.

You can open a demo or real “Crypto” account with leverage up to 1:10.

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To trade Cryptocurrency pairs, you can choose “Crypto” or “ECN Crypto Swap Free” account type.

By opening an account with one of the above types, you can trade the following Cryptocurrency pairs:

  • ETHUSD (Ethereum vs USD)
  • BTCUSD (Bitcoin vs USD)
  • ZECUSD (ZCash vs USD)
  • DASHUSD (Dash vs USD)
  • BCHUSD (Bitcoin Cash vs USD)
  • XMRUSD (Monero vs USD)
  • NEOUSD (Neo vs USD)
  • LTCUSD (Litecoin vs USD)

You can see the trading conditions of “Crypto” account and each Cryptocurrency pairs on the home page.

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