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Why did Hot Bonus get deducted from my account suddenly?

The Hot Bonus could be canceled/deducted from your account if:

  1. You have requested SuperForex’s support team the cancellation of the bonus;
  2. The account balance has reached a certain level;
  3. You have requested fund withdrawals.

If none of the above applies to your case, contact SuperForex’s support team to find out more.

The Hot Bonus can be canceled if the margin level reaches down to 300%.

The Hot Bonus will also be canceled in full if:

Y / Z < 0.4, where

Y = The currency account balance (excluding the bonus amount)

Z = The amount of the Hot Bonus

In case of a fund withdrawal, the Hot Bonus will be canceled in full if:

(Y – X) / Z < 1, where

X = the amount of fund withdrawal

Y = the current available balance without the bonus

Z = the sum of the bonus amount

For more information about the Hot Bonus promotion, log in to the client cabinet and see the terms and conditions.

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